April 22, 2024
HIghway 131 near Viola

Fall State Trunk Tour Drives: Highway 131 through the Driftless

Scenic vistas, small towns, and the “crookedest river in the word” all help make Highway 131 one of the best fall drives in Wisconsin

Fall is one of the best times to road trip around Wisconsin. The fall colors get amazing, especially on the crisp sunny days we frequently have this time of year. Pumpkins dot many farms, trees burst with a variety of colors, and towns celebrate with harvest festivals.

So many “State Trunk Tour” rides are fantastic right now. But we have go to give Highway 131 a shout-out in particular for its navigation of the beautiful Driftless Area, its frequent interaction with the Kickapoo River (it crosses it 11 times!) and the lovely little towns it traverses.

Highway 131 map
Highway 131 northbound start

Running about 80 miles from Highway 60 along the Wisconsin River up to Tomah, Highway 131 runs through the heart of Wisconsin’s incredible Driftless Area, a section of the Midwest that glaciers biffed on flattening thousands of years ago. Consequently, this area has few natural lakes; tons of beautiful rivers, streams, bluffs, and valleys make this relatively rugged terrain excellent for exploring, recreating, or just going for a drive to admire. Highway 131 primarily runs through Crawford and Vernon Counties, with a corner catch of Richland and ending in Monroe County – all in the Driftless.

Highway 131 on a vista south of Steuben
Sweeping farm fields, bluffs, and valleys are all in view from Highway 131, where sometimes you can see for tens of miles. This is south of Steuben.
Gays Mills Antique Store, Highway 171 near 131
A shop in Gays Mills, one of the small towns along the Highway 131 Tour

We noted Highway 131 crosses the Kickapoo River 11 – 11 – times on its journey. The Kickapoo is sometimes referred to as the “Crookedest River in the World,” and it certainly has its twists and turns. Learn about some of them at the Kickapoo River Museum, which isn’t always open in October but it’s worth a try. The museum is located in Gays Mills at a dam on the river at Robb Park. For kayakers and canoers, an easy portage is available.

HIghway 131 Kickapoo River Museum
The Kickapoo River Museum in Gays Mills. The Kickapoo is a great river for kayaking and canoeing

The towns Highway 131 goes through include Steuben and Gays Mills, which is Wisconsin’s “Apple Capital” and hosts a few of the aforementioned sites. There’s also Soldiers Grove, dubbed “America’s First Solar Village.” In 1979, the town was recovering from a massive flood – the Kickapoo isn’t always kind – and during reconstruction became the first incorporated town to require new buildings to obtain at last 50% of their energy from the sun. You can see it in the newer buildings. The original downtown location for Soldiers Grove is now a park; it still floods on occasion, but it’s much more rare. Soldiers Grove also holds the Driftless Brewing Company brewery and tap room, worth a stop if you’re traveling on the weekend.

Driftless Brewing Company samplers, Soldiers Grove
Break for a flight at Driftless Brewing Company in Soldiers Grove.
Highway 131 joins U.S. 14 briefly in Readsburg to cross the Kickapoo River on this old-school bridge. This is one of 11 crossings of the river along 131.

Viola, where Highways 56 and 131 meet, has also seen its share of flooding over the years. Some markers along the road cutting through parks downtown show just how high water has reached – and it will be higher than your vehicle! Some classic buildings downtown include stamped signs that show their original purpose, including a former opera house. La Farge hosts the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, an 8,500+-acre tract of land along the Kickapoo River that examines the area, its changing river, its tendency to flood, and more. In the Reserve, you can explore sandstone outcroppings and a variety of native plants and animals in their habitat. The Kickapoo Valley Reserve Visitor Center is along Highway 131 a mile and a half north of La Farge. This 8,300 square foot facility – heated with geothermal and solar – offers beautiful views, educational galleries and interactive displays designed to show you more about this unique area of Wisconsin – and the country, really.

Highway 131 and 82 through La Farge
Highway 82 joins 131 for the through the heart of La Farge, in Vernon County

Nearing Highway 33, Ontario is a popular town for renting canoes or kayaks to ply the waters of the Kickapoo. They also offer an interesting “historical walk” that features original structures and takes you past some ancient burial sites. Adjacent Wildcat Mountain State Park makes you feel like you’re in the foothills of a mountain range, with twisting side roads, excellent views, and great recreation and camping.

Canoeing the Kickapoo along Highway 131
The Kickapoo River has lots of access points for kayaking and canoeing, plus the views from both the water and the hills around can’t be beat
Views from the overlook at Wildcat Mountain State Park, along Highway 33 near Ontario, Wisconsin
View from the overlook at Wildcat Mountain State Park, just east of Highway 131 along Highway 33 near Ontario.
Highway 131 near Ontario in fall
Fall colors on Highway 131 north of Ontario on the drive to Wilton in Monroe County

Past Ontario, Highway 131 winds up to Wilton, a stop about midway along the famous Elroy-Sparta Trail. This lovely town has some cool murals, downtown shops, and a few B&B’s popular with trail riders. This area is also Amish country, so watch for slow-moving, horse-drawn vehicles along your path.

Since the Kickapoo River rises in Wilton, Highway 131 becomes Kickapoo-free for its next leg. After briefly joining Highway 71, Highway 131 reaches a crest that overlooks its final destination: Tomah. This major crossroads city is where railroads, early highways, and eventually Interstates meet up. It’s no surprise that Tomah is a big destination for everything from hotels to logistical companies; with all this transportation, it’s also no surprise that Gasoline Alley comic strip creator Frank King grew up in Tomah.

Highway 131 looking towards Tomah
A vast expanse of Wisconsin’s “Cranberry Country” comes into view as Highway 131 begins its descent into Tomah. Like The Who says, you can for miles, and miles, and miles...

Highway 131 crosses I-90 and then ends near downtown at U.S. 12 and Highway 16. That’s 80 miles down, and plenty of cool stuff to see and experience. From Tomah, you can connect to nearby Warrens, which also holds the Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center. Warrens can be reached by connecting to Highway 21 via U.S. 12, straight north past the spot where Highway 131 ends. Basically, from Tomah you can connect to wherever you want to go pretty easily!

And there you go: a great drive on Highway 131. It’s an easy ride for an afternoon – or make it a recreation-filled multi-day trip. It’s all up to you.

Northern end of Highway 131, at the U.S. 12/Highway 16 intersection in Tomah.
Highway 131 comes to an end as you approach Tomah, at U.S. 12 and Highway 16. Straight north is Tomah’s downtown strip and access to Wisconsin’s “Cranberry Country.”

Spots To See along Highway 131:

Kickapoo River Wildlife Area, Wauzeka Unit, and Kickapoo Wild Woods State Natural Area, Wauzeka. Covering almost 5,700 acres – about 1,900 of which are state-owned – this wildlife area is an important migration area that gives birders an opportunity to see a wide variety of species. You can also put in a kayak or canoe at two different locations here. It’s also a wonderful place to hike and explore all of the unique features of the Driftless Area topography.

Kickapoo River Museum, Gays Mills. Located in a former dam house on the Kickapoo, this historic structure holds displays on the various geographical and ecological aspects of the entire river valley. Robb Park, 608-735-4341.

Log Cabin Heritage Park, Gays Mills. Historic log cabins and other structures together on the site of a former sawmill. Open year ’round. 212 State Highway 131, 608-735-4341.

Sunrise Orchards, Gays Mills. Established in 1913, Sunrise was one of the original 40-acre apple plantings commissioned by the Kickapoo Development Company. A three-generation family farm, Sunrise produces over 150,000 bushels of apples each year across 21 varieties. They make ciders and other products and their store is open year ’round. They also have a big model train, a children’s reading area, a park for the whole family including lawn checkers and mini-bowling, a designated dog walk area, dessert treats, and more. They also host numerous events. You can reach them via Highway 171 off 131, about two miles east of Gays Mills. 608-735-4645.

Kickapoo Valley Reserve Visitors Center, La Farge. This recent creation anchors the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, uses geothermal and solar energy, and features exhibits a’plenty about the area. Those include an attempt in the 1970s to construct a massive dam that was halted; it would have altered the valley immensely.

Wildcat Mountain State Park, Ontario. Sandstone bluffs provide excellent views across this 3,600-acre state park, which is open for year-round recreation including hiking, canoeing, fishing, and cross-country skiing. 20 miles of trails and gorgeous vistas await, and you can rent canoes and kayaks in the park and in nearby Ontario.

Drifty’s Canoe Rental, Ontario. How crooked is the Kickapoo? It runs 130 river miles but only about 60 miles as the crow flies. That’s a lot of twists and turns – perfect for canoeing, kayaking, or just floating on a tube. Drifty’s can outfit you with equipment rentals, shuttles, pick-up service, and more. 608-337-4288.

Titanic Canoe Rental, Ontario. Titanic can also outfit you with equipment – Ontario is such a popular spot for hitting the Kickapoo River there are multiple options! They offer canoes, kayaks, and tubes as well. 608-337-4551.

Elroy-Sparta Trail, Wilton. The first rail-to-trail conversion in the United States, the Elroy-Sparta Trail connects its namesake communities with a 32-mile bike and recreational trail that features three hand-bored tunnels, all built around 1870. Highway 131 intersects the trail in Wilton, a charming town between tunnels #1 and #2 that offers eateries, B&Bs, camping parks, and shops.

See more State Trunk Tour routes here, and enjoy how gorgeous and fun the roads in Wisconsin can be to explore!

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