June 24, 2024

About the Tour

(or, WHY would somebody drive all these roads??)

Wisconsin’s a fantastic state for driving. From its tradition of providing good, all-weather roads to its standing as the first governmental unit to ever use numbers to identify roads – a practice now widely adopted worldwide – Wisconsin packs a plethora of interesting things to see and do while traversing its network of state highways.

Giant cheeses? Largest six-pack in the world? Center of two of earth’s hemispheres at once? Tours of breweries, cheese factories, and places that make cool stuff? Two Great Lakes, over 15,000 inland lakes and so many rivers, names get repeated? Small town America or large cities, skiing, mountain biking, bird-watching or tubing and water skiing, you’ll find tons of places to do it all around Wisconsin. The state trunk highways give you hundreds of ways to scope out your own road trip and stumble onto things you may never have thought of before.

That’s what the State Trunk Tour is all about.

The Interstates of Wisconsin, the most widely used for travel and touring, provide access to many of the state’s cities and attractions. The U.S. and State highways, however, allow you to really dive in and see just how great driving and touring around Wisconsin can be. You get into all the little nooks and crannies of the state, visit small towns that had otherwise only been dots on a map, and discover people and places that let you appreciate all there is in Wisconsin.

So, let us embark on some end-to-end travels. We’ve picked a bunch of state trunk highways in Wisconsin to tour; we’ll travel them from beginning to end and find out everything worth doing and checking out along the way. As you read them, maybe it will help you find some new destinations and journeys to check out for yourself.