June 24, 2024

State Trunk Tour guests again on Wisconsin Public Radio – listen here!

Traveling around Wisconsin is a fun topic, and the “Central Time” show on Wisconsin Public Radio knows this well. After a fun initial conversation in January, WPR welcomed Eric Paulsen of the State Trunk Tour back for another live conversation with callers on March 27, 2019.

Check out our conversation on this State Trunk Tour podcast on iHeartRadio:

We discussed a few key areas of the state, the joy of county roads as well as state highways, and some of the best “out of the way” places in Wisconsin.

Hopefully we’ll be back on in a month or two, and we welcome your feedback next time we’re on! We’ll give you a heads’ up. Meanwhile, enjoy the start of April and we’ll be telling you more about fun happenings, attractions, points of interest and more around the state as we get more into spring road trip season – despite the mid-week snow possibilities!

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