May 26, 2024
Top 10 Wisconsin Cheese Curds voting!

Who was the best fried Wisconsin cheese curds? USA Today wants to know!

You can vote for your favorite curds to make their “10 Best” list

Wisconsin is known for many things, but cheese is definitely among the top topics. And lately, Wisconsin cheese curds have been gaining popularity in other areas of the country – especially when they’re fried!

On the State Trunk Tour, we travel roads all over Wisconsin and check out great places, including restaurants, taverns, cheese factories, food trucks, and other places that create taste bud heaven. Especially when fried, Wisconsin cheese curds rank among the most delicious dishes you can enjoy… and they’re done up all kinds of ways.

Some places beer-batter their cheese curds; some use panko breading, some customize how the curds are coated. They use different oils, different spices, different styles of cheese. Cheddar is most popular, although we’re big fans of Muenster, too!

USA Today‘s “10 Best” is looking for the best Wisconsin cheese curds, and since you’re looking at, we’re pretty sure you have an opinion!

The tasty cheese curds at Craftsman Table & Tap in Middleton, of the “10 Best” finalists for Wisconsin’s Best Cheese Curds, according to USA Today.

Nominees right now include:

You can vote for your favorite of these HERE.

BUT – where are YOUR favorite fried Wisconsin cheese curds? We want to know! Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page – we’re gonna try every last place we can!

USA Today is letting people vote for the best Wisconsin cheese curds. Here are some of the finalists.
Fried curds with a tasty gravy at Right Bauer Brewing in Sun Prairie, a new State Trunk Tour favorite.

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One thought on “Who was the best fried Wisconsin cheese curds? USA Today wants to know!

  1. Gorski’s Restaurant in Mosinee, WI hands down the very best Fried Cheese Curds

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