June 19, 2024
GO Chippewa County

New Podcast Episode: Chippewa County with a slew of summer fun and road trip ideas

On the latest State Trunk Tour Podcast episode, Eric Paulsen dives into Chippewa Falls and Chippewa County with GO Chippewa County Tourism Director Jackie Boos. The Northern Wisconsin State Fair is around the corner, Rock Fest is tuning up, the Leinie Lodge has a new “test kitchen” for brews, and all of Chippewa County is at the peak of summer beauty and rife with cool things to do and explore by car, truck, or bike (both kinds.) And Oktoberfest kicks off right when the leaves start changing! Listen on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spreaker, or on demand right now to hear it all:
GO Chippewa County map

Connect with GO Chippewa County here and they’ll be happy to provide even more info, and even offer you up a custom itinerary based on your interests! You can also call them at (715) 723-0331.

U.S. 53 and Highways 27, 29, 40, 64, 124, 178, and the historic Yellowstone Trail are all great drives through Chippewa County!

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