May 29, 2024
Sheboygan and City Green: the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and the State Trunk Tour Podcast

STT Podcast: Sheboygan & the new City Green

Sheboygan Podcast for State Trunk TourSheboygan has a lot going on right now! The city’s busy harbor and increasingly vibrant downtown is now being supplemented with City Green, a new outdoor space downtown opened up on the grounds of a former department store. Located on the corner of New York Avenue & 7th Street, City Green is a unique arts and entertainment green space that’s designed as meet-up space for family, friends, and neighbors. From yoga classes to outdoor concerts, it’s becoming a gathering place for this city of 50,000 on Lake Michigan. We decided to discuss it in our new Sheboygan podcast on STT.

Sheboygan’s lakeside location, beautiful harbor, and proximity to everything from Kohler-Andrae State Park to Kohler the village to Whistling Straits Golf Club to its variety of shopping, restaurants, and fun activities for kids and grown-ups alike downtown makes it a very cool destination to check out and spend a weekend. Enjoy a variety of art at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, make the kids’ day at the Sheboygan Children’s Museum, explore the Harbor area, shops, and more near Blue Harbor Resort, hit North Beach and play in Lake Michigan, imbibe in a few craft beers at 3 Sheeps Brewery… it’s all up to you.

I-43 and Highways 23, 28, and 42 bring you to Sheboygan. In fact, the three state highways all meet (and end) at one intersection just west of downtown!

W This Sheboygan Podcast on State Trunk Tour Podcast Radio get into more detail and highlights the new City Green downtown, along with what’s happening all around the area, with Shelly Harms of Visit Sheboygan. You can stream right here:

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Sheboygan Harbor, near the new City Green
Sheboygan Harbor, just down the street from downtown and City Green.

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