April 22, 2024
A centerpiece at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin

Jurustic Park just might be Wisconsin’s oddest (and coolest) sculpture garden

Rusty metals, crazy designs, and spun stories make Jurustic Park outside of Marshfield a “can’t miss” destination on a Wisconsin road trip

Are you ready for some of the oddest, quirkiest, and coolest rusty metal art pieces you’ve ever seen? The Jurustic Park should be your destination.

Meet Clyde and Nancy Wynia, who took the lush grounds that make up their property and turned it into a spectacular museum and art shop filled with metal sculptures, beaded glass jewelry, and crazy spun stories spiked with comedy, courtesy of Clyde as your guide. They named it Jurustic Park (yes, they’re familiar with the movie) and there’s nothing else like it. Clyde owes many of his stories to the nearby McMillan Marsh, part of a 33,000-acre expanse of wetlands, swamps, and wildlife – perfect for serving as the supposed source of these mysterious creatures forged in metal that dot this landscape.

Clyde, your guide at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Meet Clyde, your guide, at Jurustic Park outside Marshfield, Wisconsin
Jurustic Park, north of Marshfield

A walk around their property (this IS their home property, by the way) yields so many picture-worthy sights and imaginative creations you wonder how one couple could do it all. Clyde the guide will sew stories, share sagas, and even get some of his sculptures – often rigged with handles and levers – to come to life. Don’t be surprised if Clyde asks you for your hometown and then precedes to ridicule the daylights out of it. He greets tourists from all over the world; some are road trip lovers, some are medical professionals who came to work or conduct research at Marshfield Clinic nearby. All marvel at just what the heck they’re looking at.

Entrance to Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
The entrance to Jurustic Park
Huge metal sculptures at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
This crazy piece has working propellers – but don’t expect it to fly.
Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Fish and CDs at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
A rusty monster fish with CDs for scales. Hey, at least they found a good use for all those CDs!
Big rusty metal bug at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
The Jabberwock at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Clyde at Jurustic Park calls this the Jabberwock. And yes, he’ll move it for you.
Betty and Bull Frogs at Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Does this count as a metal band? Betty and the Bull Frogs.
Jurustic Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin

Jurustic Park is open most of the year, but in winter you should call ahead to make sure they’re available. From May through October Jurustic Park is open from 10am – 4:30pm; they start closing at 4pm in November. From Marshfield, a brief drive north on Highway 97 to County E will bring you to Old Sugarbush Lane. Just follow the signs from there; street parking spots are available right by the front gate.

Jurustic Park Address:

112021 Old Sugarbush Lane
Marshfield, WI 54449
(715) 387-1653

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