April 25, 2024
Ffats Brewing Company, Whitehall, Wisconsin

Ffats Brewing Company

In Whitehall, the seat of Trempealeau County, you’ll find Ffats Brewing Company. “Staff” spelled backwards, Ffats  was established in 2016 and its current tap room, right along U.S. 53 and Highway 121, opened in 2017. One of their big slogans is “Come Do Beer With Us.”

Ffats Brewing Company, Whitehall, Wisconsin Ffats Brewing Company, Whitehall, Wisconsin

A wide variety of beers are brewed up at Ffats, including some that are available consistently, some which are seasonal, and some that pop up from time to time (known as the “Haley’s Comet” line.) Our last menu check includes the following, some of which are on consistently and some of which rotate:

  • A tap brew at Ffats Brewing Company, Whitehall, WisconsinHAKA, a Pale Ale
  • Amish SuperHero, an easy-drinking ale fermented with lemon-line soda
  • Dogs Days, a Wheat Beer
  • Donkey Punch, a Kolsch-inspired Ale. They also have a version infused with cucumbers called Verde Burro
  • UB Porter, a Brown Porter. On a seasonal basis, they also offer UBPB, which is the UB Porter infused with peanut butter
  • Scott-ISH, a smokey, malty Scotch ale
  • FFAT N’ Hazy, a New England-style IPA
  • LL Cool B, a light Lemon Lager
  • Red 22, an Irish Red Ale
  • Whiskey Barrel Stout, a Milk Stout aged in whiskey barrels
  • Beserker, a Norwegian-style Sahti, brewed with lingonberries and juniper berries
  • Roasted Expresso, an Oatmeal Stout steeped in coffee beans
  • F.I.R.E., an acronym for Fruit-infused Rye Experiment
  • Palate Trauma, a Double Red IPA
  • Momma Bear Hefe, a German Wheat
  • Smoked Lager, a Vienna lager with smoked malt (Ffats says it’s like “brisket in a bottle”)
  • Octoberfest, a Marzen
  • Fat Pumpkin Lager, an autumn pumpkin and pumpkin-spiced beer
  • Dog Bed Nap, a Barley Wine Ale with over 10% ABV
  • Rhude, a Flanders Red Sour
  • Naked and Afraid, an Oatmeal Pale Ale
  • Sjuggerud Amber, an Amber Ale using hops from the nearby Sjuggerud Coulee Road
  • Sumac Gose, a Gose-style ale with sea salt and coriander flavors
Flight at Ffats Brewing Company, Whitehall, Wisconsin
A Ffats flight in Whitehall.

For non-beer drinkers, Ffats offers draft sodas. You can also get pizzas and buy swag in their tap room.

The tap room is pretty cozy and during nicer weather there is substantial outdoor patio space to enjoy your beers, activities, and sometimes live music. Their hours vary by season; in winter, they are open:
Thursday, 3pm – 9pm
Friday, 3pm – 11pm
Saturday, 2pm – 10pm
They are closed Sunday – Wednesday. These hours and days will change in spring!

You’ll find Ffats Brewing Company along U.S. 53/Highway 121 on the north side of town, between the downtown and railroad areas and the Trempealeau River. The tap room’s front door is along Blair Street, just west of Main Street.

Ffats Brewing Company Address:

36447 Main Street (U.S. 53/Highway 121)
Whitehall, WI 54773
(715) 538-3162
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