May 25, 2024
World's Largest Soup Kettle, Laona

World’s Largest Soup Kettle

Laona is known to many for its Lumberjack Steam Train, but did you also know they have the World’s Largest Soup Kettle? This tiny burg in Forest County where U.S. 8 and Highway 32 features this large gray pot, dangling by a tripod wood supports in a town park. The kettle has a seven-foot circumference and is three feet deep.

One day each August, the Laona Lions Club hosts Community Soup Day, with free soup that used to be – but no longer is – made in the kettle. That stems from a tradition dating back to the 1920s; today it continues… just bring your own bowl if you plan on attending!

Information on Laona’s Community Soup Day can be found here.

(Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn, via Flickr)

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