June 19, 2024
PetSkull Brewing Company, just off U.S. 10, Highway 42, and U.S. 151 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

PetSkull Brewing Company

PetSkull Brewing logo, ManitowocPetSkull Brewery combines an intriguing name with an array of good craft beers in Manitowoc, a city known for malting. The brewery began in 2017 in a cozy little building on 9th Street in the downtown area; in July 2021, expansions were complete in a new facility at 1015 Buffalo Street. It’s only two blocks away from the original location, but it’s a much larger building with more brewing capacity and a lot more space for people to gather and enjoy their brews. It anchors the newly-developing River Point District in Manitowoc, which lies along the Manitowoc River on the west edge of downtown. The new facility, which once housed Junk Fur and Hides and the Manitowoc Iron and Metal Company, allowed PetSkull to expand to a 10-barrel brewery while accommodating over 200 guests in the tap room and an additional 100 on a 1,750 square foot outdoor patio, which also hosts a games area and space for live music and other performances. The patio at PetSkull Brewing is dog-friendly.



Taps and selections at PetSkull Brewing Company, just off U.S. 10, Highway 42, and U.S. 151 in Manitowoc, WisconsinPetSkull Brewing now offers 20 taps in their new location. The beers rotate, but our last visit (August 2021) found:

  • Harry Doyle Jr. Czech Pilsner
  • Snap! Crackle! Stout! Pastry Stout
  • Where Have the Helles Paul? Helles Lager
  • The Black Sheep, a Schwarzbier
  • The Schnitzky, a German Hefeweizen
  • Rejuicinate New England IPA
  • Jake’s Malt Lemonade, a malt beer
  • Army of Jesus Bourbon Barrel-aged Old Ale
  • Indigo Mob, a fruit beer
  • Huisdier Schedel Belgian Dubbel
  • Regal Seagull Sour Series, a Berline Weisse Fruited Sour
  • GumbSkull Sea Salt & Lime Lager (taste a bit margarita-like!)
  • Southside Amber Vienna Lager
  • Dunkel Brau, a Munich Dunkel Lager
  • The 220 Imperial Double IPA
  • Angst Ridden IPA
  • Senor Prickly Pete, a pale lager
  • River Point Copper Ale
  • Balkansky Russian Imperial Stout
  • Huffy’s Malt Hurricane, a malt beer

They’re also in the process of opening a cajun-style restaurant for some good kick with your brews.

They’ve also had a few themed beers seemingly trading on the city’s annual Windigo Fest, like the Living Dead India Pale Ale and Windigo Red IPA. As they grow, might they brew some beers saluting Sputnikfest? Just a thought…

PetSkill Brewing sampler

PetSkull samplers come in 4-oz glasses. The glasses themselves are labeled with the number of the beer, rather than the indication being on the sampler board or written on somewhere. That’s a lot of glasses to keep track of!

PetSkull Brewing Company, just off U.S. 10, Highway 42, and U.S. 151 in Manitowoc, WisconsinPetSkill Tap Room Hours:

Wednesday – Thursday 3pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday Noon – 11pm
Sunday 11am – 7pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

PetSkull is just blocks away from Manitowoc’s 8th Street – which is the main drag – and within blocks of the classic Beerntsen’s Confections, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and the U.S.S. Cobia, the Capitol Theatre, the Rahr-West Art Museum, and more. You’ll find PetSkull’s new tap room on Buffalo Street just west of southbound U.S. 10/Business Highway 42 (10th Street), about four blocks north of U.S. 151. Following the main roads brings you within a stone’s throw of the ‘skull, no matter what.

PetSkull Brewing Company Address:

1015 Buffalo Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 717-0237
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