May 30, 2024
Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village Lighthouse

Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village

Anchoring Two Rivers’ historic district, Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village showcases the long and colorful history of Two Rivers’ commercial fishing industry – the longest such history of any city on the Great Lakes. Calling commercial fishing “America’s most dangerous profession,” this complex offers an incredible look at the 175+ years of history, techniques, boats, and even shipwrecks (hence the “dangerous”) while offering the chance to climb the North Pier Lighthouse, built in 1886.

Statue at Historic Rogers Street Fishing VillageBoardwalk along the Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Rogers Street Fishing Village features a museum, the original 1936 tugboat Buddy O that you can climb on and explore, a French-Canadian-style fisherman’s home, original 19th century engines, boardwalks and plenty of artifacts.

Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village Boardwalk

Speaking of shipwrecks, the waters in Lake Michigan just off Two Rivers have had their share and you can see actual remnants of ships like the Vernon (which sank in 1887) and the Rouse Simmons (which sank in 1912) that were recovered and are now on display… right down to gauges from the ship and photos of the deceased – it gets real. Native American murals and artifacts also explore the era prior to European arrival in the area.

Rogers Street Fishing Village, recovered Windlass off the Francis Hinton ship
The Francis Hinton sank in 1909; you can see the windlass recovered from the steamer, among other amazing pieces from sunken ships, inside the Rogers Street Fishing Village Museum.

The museum also includes old equipment used by divers, for farming, and all kinds of artifacts that illustrate life several generations ago.

Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
We did have to snicker a bit at this one.


A diver suit at the Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village in Two Rivers, WisconsinYou’ll find Rogers Street Fishing Village just off Highway 42 in Two Rivers, near the endpoints of Highways 147 and 310, bordering the East Twin River. The museum is open from mid-May through mid-October. The Boardwalk along the river is a pleasant stroll and the information inside is definitely worth stop. Nearby, you can enjoy the Lake Michigan shore at Neshotah Beach, shop downtown, even treat yourself to an ice cream sundae at the Historic Washington House, highlighting Two Rivers as the city where the dessert was first created.

Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village Address:

2102 Jackson Street
Two Rivers, WI 54241
(920) 793-5905

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