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Seymour Burgerfest

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Seymour Burgerfest
August 9, 2019
August 10, 2019
August 6, 2018
Downtown Seymour
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Depot Street, Seymour, WI, 54165, United States
Seymour Burgerfest & Balloon Rally

Seymour Burgerfest & Balloon Rally celebrates the “Home of the Hamburger”! Seymour is where the hamburger was reportedly invented by Charlie Nagreen in 1885, improvising the sandwich while selling meatballs at the Outagamie County Fair. Burgerfest celebrates this momentous creation with a big Balloon Rally Friday night, the World’s Largest Hamburger Parade, the Bun Run, Kids’ Run, music, kids’ games, the Burger Eating Contest and the Giant Ketchup Slide! The Car Show, Railroad Depot and Community Museum are included with the Saturday entrance fee.a 190-pound hamburger they grill up right there, the burger-eating contest, and you can even take a plunge on the ketchup slide!

The Car Show, viewing the model railroad at the Railroad Depot, and seeing the world’s largest hamburger memorabilia exhibit at the Seymour Community Museum are included with the Saturday Burger Fest entrance fee. Downtown Seymour Saturday events cost only $3 in advance and $5 at the gate. Children 12 and under are admitted free with paid adult on Saturday downtown. Wristbands are available from Seymour merchants Don’s Quality Market, Seymour Public Library, Seymour Community Museum. Or, get your Tickets in Advance here.

During a previous Burgerfest, Seymour celebrants cooked up the World’s Largest Hamburger – according to Guinness – at 8,266 pounds!

seymour_burgerstatue [highlight] Seymour’s Version of the Hamburger Invention:
“In 1885, Charles N. Nagreen, a young lad of 15, came to the Seymour Fair to sell meatballs. When he realized people wanted to walk around the fair grounds and eat, he flattened a meatball between two slices of bread and called it a ‘hamburger.’ This was the first time the hamburger sandwich was produced and sold.” [/highlight]

The Guinness Book of World Records noted that Seymour is where the “World’s Largest Hamburger” was cooked – right there on the Charlie Grill. In August of 2001, a 8,266 pound hamburger was cooked up and served to over 13,000 people.

The State Trunk Tour has been there; amidst the bands, the model railroad museum and hungry and thirsty festival goers milling about under the statue of Charles “Hamburger Charlie” Nagreen (the hamburger’s inventor), was the main attraction: a 60-pound hamburger. Sure, it’s a fraction of the monstrous 8,266 pound record grilled in 2001, but it was still a monster.
The 60 pound mound of meat, hot off the grill.
It took some work, but the meat was successfully wedged within a gi-normous bun – even though part of the patty’s north side fell a bit!
Check out all the fun where Highways 54 and 55 meet in Seymour!

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