June 13, 2024
Best Road Trip Tunes on a State Trunk Tour: We love cranking Cheap Trick on the road!

Best Road Trip Tunes & Music Genres: What do you enjoy while on State Trunk Tours around Wisconsin?

Artists like Queen, Journey, AC/DC, ABBA, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and more topped a recent Insurance.com poll; yet, Country as a music genre topped Classic Rock, Pop, EDM, and Hip-Hop. What bands and music styles do YOU love to play when road tripping?

Music makes road trips even more fun. They set a tone, provide a beat, add excitement or ease you into relaxation. Insurance.com conducts a nationwide poll every few years, and found that while on the road classic rock and country artists tend to dominate people’s preferences. Men typically prefer classic rock, women often opt for country. Other popular music genres include pop, hip-hop, and , but the most popular music genre for road trips is actually country for women, but classic rock for men. The most popular songs included:

Along with relatively newer hits (as in, this millenium), including:

Do you sing while driving? According to the Insurance.com survey, “A whopping 90% of women say they sing while driving compared to 73% of men. Men are more likely to play imaginary instruments (16% of men and 5% of women play air drums and 11% of men and 5% of women play air guitar).” Meanwhile, I’m guessing that all of us tap along to the beat on the steering wheel at times.

And how do you get your music in the car? We used to pretty much just have AM or FM radio, maybe a cassette, 8-track tape, or CD player along with it. Now, with streaming services, downloads to our phones with Bluetooth car stereos, we have more options than ever. The survey, however, found that radio is still strong for drivers, with 43% – a plurality – saying they primarily listen to music, news, or talk on their AM or FM radios. 21% listen to downloaded music on their smartphone, 19% stream their music, and 15% use satellite radio (like XM or Sirius). It also found that women were more likely to use regular radio than men (48% to 39%) and men were – by a smaller margin – more likely to listen to satellite radio or music downloaded to their phone.

…the lists go on and on, including preferred genres, what they listen to when they’re not listening to music (news and talk dominate there), and more. The Insurance.com piece is detailed here, but we want to know: what are YOUR favorite road trip songs? We love adding songs from Cheap Trick, Bachmann-Turner Overdrive, funky grooves from Earth, Wind and Fire, The Commodores, Kool & the Gang, and Prince, country tunes from Brothers Osborne, Eddie Rabbitt, and – well – there are thousands of tunes we love. Enter your favorite here, we’ll do some tabulations!

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