Highway 36 Trunk Tour

  • Southern terminus: Walworth County, at Highway 120 east of Lake Geneva
  • Northern terminus: Milwaukee County, at Highway 241/27th Street (Historic U.S. 41) in Milwaukee
Distance: 36 miles

Counties along route 36

  • Walworth
  • Racine
  • Milwaukee

STH-036“36 Miles on Highway 36”

WisMap36_200wQuickie Summary: Highway 36 once began in Walworth, later in Lake Geneva. Today, the road that was Highway 36 northeast out of Lake Geneva as Highway 120, which runs north to East Troy. Highway 36 begins at Highway 120 about four miles north of Lake Geneva. It winds through the beautiful rolling countryside of Walworth and Waukesha Counties, hitting the “Chocolate City” of Burlington along with Waterford and Muskego on its way into Milwaukee County, where it serves as a major thoroughfare through the suburbs of Franklin and Greendale on its way to connect into the heart of Milwaukee’s south side and the city’s downtown via the freeway system. Lots of little history pieces line the way, and beyond the road at either end there’s plenty of adventure ahead.

Wisconsin Highway 36 Road Trip

The Drive (Southwest to Northeast):

Hwy 36 sb end at Hwy 120

Highway 36 as it ends southbound at Highway 120. Lake Geneva is a left turn and just a few minutes away. Meanwhile, Highway 36 northbound is about to head for 36 miles to Milwaukee.

Through the rural fields of Walworth County, Highway 36 works its way east and north. This area skirts the southern end of Kettle Moraine, which is a hilly section of SE Wisconsin formed when the advancing glaciers stopped – and left hills behind filled with all the stuff they pushed southward.

Burlington (pop. 10,464) started out as a settlement called “Foxville” – for its location along the Fox River – in 1835. A few years later, locals changed the name to Burlington, after the Vermont city many of the recent transplants from New England felt a need to salute (heck, it’s easier to spell than Montpelier.) Railroads came in 1855, and by 1900 Burlington officially became a city, nestled in the southwest corner of Racine County.

Burlington welcome sign

Entering Burlington, they make sure you know it’s “Chocolate City.”

Burlington once featured three breweries, including the former Finke-Uhen Brewery along the Fox River; its building is now occupied by the Malt House Theater, whose community theater company (called the “Haylofters“) have been operating since 1932.  Three years prior to that – or so they claim – the Burlington Liars’ Club was formed. They celebrate “Fibbing for Fame and Folly” (also alliteration, apparently) and annually hand out an award for “World Champion Liar.” We can’t lie when it comes to chocolate, and the addition of a 1966 Nestle plant gave Burlington the name “Chocolate City, USA.” Every Memorial Day weekend, Chocolate Fest tantalizes taste buds and offers plenty of music and activities. Several notable people hail from Burlington, including three-time World’s Strongest Man winner Bill Kazmaier, actor Gregory Itzin from “24”, former Miss Wisconsin winner and Miss USA finalist and current Milwaukee TV personality Caitlin Morrall, and perhaps most famously Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo; Romo got the nod on the “Welcome to Burlington” signs with the “home of” honors. Romo went to Burlington High School and worked at a State Trunk Tour favorite, Fred’s, as a busboy. Fred’s proclaims itself home to the “World’s Best Burgers,” a tall order indeed. Are they?  You’ll have to judge for yourself, but they’re definitely a State Trunk Tour pick!

Fred's in Burlington

Fred’s, one of the many places in the world laying claim to its best burger.

The “city version” of Highway 36 runs through town southwest-northeast. Southwest of downtown, it’s primarily State Street and Milwaukee Avenue; northeast, it’s Milwaukee Street. Downtown along Milwaukee Avenue, the Logic Puzzle Museum offers a wild array of hands-on puzzles, brain teasers, and more. Next door, the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum offers yo-yos, gyroscopes, spin toys, and plenty of hands-on science exhibits…. over 2,000 in all! Call first and get tickets, though; they are by appointment only. And, since it’s “Chocolate City USA”, check out the Chocolate Experience Museum (113 E. Chestnut Street, 262-763-6044), which houses exhibits that survive the annual Chocolate Fest, and other chocolate sculptures… even one that replicates the brick road from the Wizard of Oz – only this one is chocolate instead of yellow. Hurry, before somebody eats it!

Burlington’s Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum is right downtown.



Tour Gallery

  • Hwy 36 sb end at Hwy 120

Events on this Tour

  • German Fest

    Jul 29, 2018 11:00 pm
    German Fest

    German Fest logoCelebrating its 38th year, German Fest returns to Milwaukee's lakefront the weekend of July 27-29. Plenty of great German food and live music, bier (of course) and a lot of fun events. The Dachshund Derby runs - literally - at 1pm Sunday. You can sign up for a German Heritage Walking Tour, which is a great way to explore the Teutonic history of many landmarks and neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee. [caption id="attachment_7354" align="alignnone" width="340"]Dachshunds at German Fest in Milwaukee Dachshunds get competitive in their races.[/caption] Check out United for Kids, where you can visit with The MACC Fund, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Make-A-Wish® Wisconsin and Ronald McDonald House of Eastern Wisconsin, Inc. on Saturday, July 29th and Sunday, July 30th inside of the Sports Area. They'll have games, prizes, information and fun for the whole family!  A portion of Sunday’s ticket sales will benefit these four charities. Enjoy the Midwest Outdoor Handball Championships, where teams from the Chicago Area, Illinois State University and UW-Milwaukee will be competing.  Come find out why Handball is one of the hottest sports in Germany on Sunday afternoon! You can also check out Carousel Organ Association of America's providing some of the "happy" instrumentation as you dance to music. Children can participate in the Fairy Tale Parade Sunday at 3:30pm and Dance Showcase at 4pm on the Sprecher Oktoberfest Stage. Fireworks will fill the sky Friday and Saturday night starting around 10:30pm. General Admission tickets run $12, but there are discounted prices for Seniors, Friday day admission, students, a 2-day pass, and more. For complete ticket info, click here. German Fest takes place on the Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee - also known as Henry Maier Festival Park. The grounds are in close proximity to U.S. 18, I-43/94, and Highways 32, 38, 57, 59, 145, and 190. Prosit!

    German Fest Address:

    Henry Maier Festival Grounds 200 N. Harbor Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414) 464-9444 Website milwaukee_germanfest02milwaukee_germanfest03

Route 36 Facts

  • • Highway 36 is 36 miles... probably the only state highway whose number matches the mileage!
  • • Highway 36 once continued southwest through Lake Geneva and ended at U.S. 14 down in Walworth, a route covered by Highway 67 today.
  • • Highway 36 was originally designated in 1918; other than truncations at each end and the Burlington bypass opening, the current route of Highway 36 has changed little.
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