May 29, 2024
AeppelTreow Winery, Distillery, and Cidery, off Highway 142 east of Burlington, Wisconsin

AeppelTreow Winery & Distillery

Located just off Highway 142 east of Burlington abutting the Richard Bong Recreation Area, AeppelTreow (Old English for “apple tree” or “apple true”) features a winery, distillery, and cidery amidst farmland and an orchard. The winery started in 2001, partnering with the adjacent Brightonwoods Orchard which grows and/or preserves over 200 varieties of apples and pears.

Signs for AeppelTreow Winery, just off Highway 142 east of Burlington, Wisconsin

Cider at AeppelTreow Winery & Distillery, just north of Highway 142 east of Burlington, WisconsinThey specialize in apple-based wines, hard ciders made with apples and pears (known as “perrys”), and a variety of spirits.

Wines from AeppelTreow include:

  • Summer’s End, an Apple Wine
  • Pear, a mellow wine with a hint of spice made with two varieties of pears
  • Poirissimo!, a Pear Dessert Wine
  • Pommeaux, an Apple Dessert Wine

Ciders made at AeppelTreow range from sparkling to draft and table ciders to fortified/dessert styles, all made with apples and pears. They tend to lean toward the dry end with their cider choices, although a few sweet ones are available. They are available for purchase in tall, slender cans and include both traditional varieties like Orchard Oriole Perry, Barn Swallow Modern, and Tyton Proper, and flavored varieties like Sparrow Spiced, Siskin Scrumpy Funked, and Blackbird Berried. Bottled sparkling ciders include:

  • Appely Brut, a Champagne Method Cider
  • Perry, a Champagne Method Pear Cider
  • Americana, a Still Cider

The distillery side of AeppelTreow uses Wisconsin-grown corn and other crops, plus local wood in the aging process. They make whiskey and brandy varieties, both great for enjoying “neat” or blending into cocktails. Their spirits include:

  • Brown Dog Whiskey, made with Wisconsin sorghum and four woods
  • Apple Brandy, made with (of course) apples, plus oak and American applejack
  • Pear Spirits, an Honesty Brandy and Kettle Geneva Gin, and
  • Peach Brandy, aged 2 years in charred Wisconsin oak barrels
Visiting AeppelTreow:

Inside the main barn, you’ll find the production facility, which is open to the public for viewing and the occasional informal tour. Samples can be enjoyed at two different counters.

Hours and days vary throughout the year.
During May and June, they are open weekends, 11am-4pm on Saturdays and Noon-4pm on Sundays.
July and August, they are open Noon-5pm Fridays, 10am-5pm Saturdays, Noon-5pm Sundays, and other days by appointment.
September and October, they’re open every day but Tuesday. Noon-5pm Monday and Wednesday-Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday, and Noon-5pm Sunday.
November and December, they are open 11am-4pm Saturdays and Noon-4pm Sundays, and other days by appointment.
January through April, they are only open by appointment.


You’ll find AeppelTreow along County B/288th Avenue, just north of Highway 142 as it passes by the Bong Recreation Area a few miles east of Burlington.

AeppelTreow Winery, Distillery, & Cidery Address:

1072 288th Avenue (County B)
Burlington, WI 53105
(262) 878-5345
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