February 26, 2024


The Matt Kinseth Museum & Fan Club Headquarters holds a lot of NASCAR memorabilia, especially as its related to Kinseth’s impressive career on the circuit. It’s free to enter, but a stop at the gift shop is always encouraged.


Not much has changed on this stretch since Highway 134 began in 1923, but some things do fade away… this barn may be deteriorating, but there’s a beauty in it just the same.


Less than three miles after it begins, Highway134 comes to an end in downtown London (yeah, it’s not a big downtown.) The road becomes County O and continues north if you’re interested. Otherwise, you can check out the Glacial Drumlin Trail in town or head back to Cambridge; it’s all good.


The London Moravian Church established in 1889 and continues on in this lovely building, just north of where Highway 134 becomes County O on the Jefferson County side of London.


The beginning of Highway 134 just north of U.S. 12/18 on the edge of Cambridge. This won’t take long.