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Mile of Music

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Mile of Music
August 6, 2023
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Mile of Music
August 6, 2015
Downtown Appleton
10 College Avenue, Appleton, WI, 54911, United States
Mile of Music 10 in Appleton, Wisconsin August 3-6, 2023

Mile of Music audience, Appleton

Appleton’s “Mile of Music” Festival (Twitter: @MileofMusicFest) serves up original singer-songwriters, combos and multi-piece bands showcasing Americana music at both its most colorful and its very best. Genres include roots and indie rock, country, gospel, soul, R&B, jazz and folk. This year’s Mile of Music 10 takes place August 3-6, 2023.

This grassroots festival was co-founded by Appleton marketing executive Dave Willems and Appleton/Nashville-based national recording artist and Grammy nominee Cory Chisel in 2013. Willems Marketing & Events continues to run Mile of Music, with the support of over 100 community organizations and sponsors. Presenting sponsor Fox Communities Credit Union and other major sponsors have allowed this event to be FREE.

Mile of Music is noted as a “handcrafted artisan festival” with over 700 acts across 40 venues spanning a mile… of music (hence the name!)

Brett Newski performing at Appleton's Mile of Music
Brett Newski performs at Mile of Music in Appleton.

Venues vary and include coffee shops, bars, parks, restaurants, museums and other public spaces. with more of them outdoors in the wake of the pandemic we all had to deal with. Some of Mile 10’s biggest artists will perform at the Main Stage in Houdini Plaza, one of the festival’s most popular venues. Remember, Harry Houdini spent time in Appleton and claimed it as his hometown!

Local brewpub Stone Arch will offer up its artisan Mile of Music Americana Pale Ale to add to the flavor of the festival. Music fans who love bicycling can work off those beer calories and indulge their music passions with Bike to the Beat. Added fun includes the Tub of Tunes giveaway, where one lucky attendee will win a bathtub full of CDs and vinyl from Mile 10 artists.

They even have their own radio station, Mile of Music Radio. Listen to it here!

Check it out all weekend in Appleton. Their website has the complete lineup, and you can also download their special app for updates, details on all the events, and more. I-41, U.S. 10, and Highways 47, 96, and 125 bring you to the Mile of Music in the downtown area.

Here’s the full Mile of Music Artist List for 2023, and you can connect to the Schedule here!

A Song Before We Go
Abby Holliday
About You
Acoustic Guitar Workshop
Adeem the Artist
Adriel Denae
Afro-Cuban Drumming & Dance
Age of Fable
Ali Holder
Alisa Amador
All Abilities Inclusive Music-Making
Altered Five Blues Band
Amelia Ford
Americana: Sing, Step, and Play
Angela Perley
Anna Moss
Anna Rose
Annie Sumi
Anthony D’Amato
Arts Fishing Club
Ashley Virginia
Baked Shrimp
Balinese Gamelan: Gongs, Drums, and Metallophones
Bascom Hill
Bee Taylor
Before Dawn
Ben Harold & The Rising
Ben Mulwana
Benny Bassett
Beth Bombara
Betsy Ade & The Well-Known Strangers
Blue Ranger
Boy Howdy and the Electric Ranch Hands
Brazilian Samba Drumming (ages 10-adult)
Brian Dunne
Brian Fechino
Buffalo Rose
Calvin Arsenia
Carnage The Executioner
Casii Stephan
Cave Paintings
Certainly So
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Chris Haise Band
Chris Jourdan
Christopher Gold
Christopher Gold and The New Old Things
Claire Kelly
Cody James
Cool Waters Band
Coral Moons
Cory Chisel
Cousin Arthur
Crys Matthews
Danielle Nicole Band
Danni Nicholls
darn it.
Decoda Chamber Music Festival ft. Ben Mulwana
Decoda Chamber Music Festival ft. BLKBOK
Decoda Chamber Music Festival ft. Calvin Arsenia
Decoda Chamber Music Festival ft. Decoda
Decoda Chamber Music Festival showcase ft. Ben Mulwana, BLKBOK, & Calvin Arsenia
Didjeridu Workshop
Don DiLego
Drumming & Dance from Ghana
Drumming & Dance from Guinea
Emily Zeck
Emma Peridot
Eric Pedigo
Eric W. Krueger
Eric W. Krueger & the Sheesh
Evan Bartels
Fantastic Cat
Feed the Dog
First Steps in Music
Flagship Romance
Fox and Bones
Fox Royale
Free Dirt
Gabe Lee
Girl & The Gunn
Girl Blue
Hang Ten
Hello June
Hillary Reynolds
Hip Hop Workshop with MxL
Holly and the Nice Lions
Horace Greene
Isiah & The New People
J.E. Sunde
Jackson Mankowski
Jamie Kent
Jay Byrd
JD Eicher
Jenny Teator
Jesse Lynn Madera
Jessica Pounds
Jimi W.
Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir
Joshua Ray Walker
Joy Clark
Julie Williams
Kaiti Jones
Kal Schimmers
Kat and the Hurricane
Katie Boeck
Katy Guillen & The Drive
Kelly Steward
Kelsey Miles
Ken Yates
Kiss the Tiger
Kristin Andreassen & Chris Eldridge
Kurt Gunn
Kyle Megna & Dave LeBlanc
Kyle Megna & The Brass Monsoons
Lemon Sky
Lilli Lewis
Listening Party
Little Bird
Los Ritmos de Mariachi
LowDown Brass Band
Luke Callen
Luma Knotty
Lunar Moth
Mae Simpson
Making Movies
Marielle Kraft
Marina City
Mark Erelli
Marty Paschke
May Erlewine
Me Like Bees
Meaghan Farrell
Megan Slankard
MET on the Bus
Michael Grabner
Michaela Anne
Mike Montali
Mike Munson
Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts
Miles Over Mountains
Mindful Music-Making: Sing, Explore, and Contemplate
Mo Lowda & the Humble
Mom Rock
More Then Merry
Mya Byrne & Swan Real
Nathan Kalish
Nicholas Raymond
Nick Franclik
Nigel Wearne
Nikki Morgan
North Wind and The Sun
Old Oaks
Ordinary Elephant
Oshima Brothers
Paisley Fields
Palm Ghosts
Pat Byrne
Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps
Paul Childers
pBone Jam
Pepper Said
Precious Metals
Próxima Parada
Rachael Davis
Rachel Baiman
Radio Free Honduras
Redshift Headlights
Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band
Remember Jones
Sam Ness
Sarah Peacock
She Returns From War
Sinking Lessons
Sister Winchester
Sit Kitty Sit
Sleepy Gaucho
Songwriting Workshop with Wade Fernandez
Sound Together: Song Circle for Community & Belonging
South for Winter
South Rail
Southeast Asian Dance Workshop
Sprig of That
Stay Outside
Stephanie Joanna
Steve Everett
Steve Poltz
Stories That Move (ages 2-10 & caregivers)
Stories That Sing (ages 2-10 & caregivers)
String Band Jam (Intermediate/Advanced)
Super 400
Supper Club
Sway Wild
Sweet Lizzy Project
TAE & The Neighborly
Tedious & Brief
The Astronomers
The BOSE Troubadours feat: JD Eicher, Paul Childers, Megan Slankard, and Sarah Peacock
The Brevet
The Brothers Footman
The Driftless Revelers
The End of America (TEOA)
The Gentlemen Grifters
The Heavy Heavy
The Lately
The Lavender Project
The Mascot Theory
The MilBillies
The Mile Jam – Festival After Party
The Other 22 Hours Podcast live taping with Michaela Anne & Aaron Shafer-Haiss ft. Jamie Kent
The Present Age
The Psycodelics
The Rough & Tumble
The Short Pay Riders
The Stews
The Thing
The Tunes
The Vegabonds
the Wishbone Breakers
Tom Mackell
Trash Panda
Trash Pandas
Traveling Suitcase
Twan Mack
Tyler Sj.
Ukulele Workshop (ages 10-adult)
Valley Fox
Walt Hamburger & The Bad Puns
Welshly Arms
Wild Heart Club
Wire and Nail
Wise Jennings
Wonky Tonk feat. Wiggly Shadows
Writers Round Friday feat: Adriel Denae, Hillary Reynolds, May Erlewine, and Rachael Davis
Writers Round Saturday feat: Joy Clark, Julie Williams, Nikki Morgan and Soultru
Writers Round Thursday feat: Jackson Mankowski, Kurt Gunn, Michael Grabner, and Nicholas Raymond
Zach Pietrini

Appleton is easily accessible via I-41, U.S. 10, Highways 15, 47, 96, or, of course 125 – because if you’re on Highway 125, you’re in Appleton already. Highway 441 provides a bypass around the city that allows you to enter from points east and south.

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