July 14, 2024
Tank at South Shore Brewery's Ashland location

South Shore Brewery

Ashland and Washburn may be on the northern edge of Wisconsin, but they’re on the south shore of Lake Superior; hence, the name and locations of South Shore Brewery. Originally launched in The Depot in Ashland in the 1990s, it was certainly one of the earlier entrants in the craft beer boom in Wisconsin. A fire at The Depot in April, 2000 forced their relocation to the brick and brownstone building on Main Street where they brewed their beers for years and still serve them in a restaurant – The Deep Water Grille – and a bar and patio called The Alley.

Ashland's South Shore Brewery location, just off U.S. 2 and Highway 13

South Shore Brewery kept growing, necessitating new production facilities; they added a new, larger production facility and Tap House up Highway 13 in Washburn, where you can take a tour and sample their brews.

Popular beers from South Shore Brewery include five flagships: their South Shore Inland Sea Pilsner; Northern Lights Ale; Nut Brown Ale; the Rhoades’ Scholar Stout; and the WPA, Wisconsin Pale Ale. Many seasonal beers are released throughout the year, and specialties pop up here and there. Some we’ve enjoyed include the Dark Days IPA; Sacred Cow Irish Stout; a pumpkin ale called Children of the Gourd; an Altbier; the Ice Caves IPA; Coffee Mint Stout; Meliora Sour Ale; Cheq Pils; Willie’s Alloa Ale; and their Bourbon Barrel Coffee Mint Stout. Yes, they get creative!

You can keep up with their seasonal and specialty releases here.

Sampler at South Shore Brewery in Ashland and Washburn, Wisconsin

You can find South Shore Brewery in Ashland along Main Street, just off U.S. 2 and Highway 13. Highway 137 is just to the south. Their Washburn location is along Highway 13 going through downtown. Both are within blocks of its shore namesake, Lake Superior.

South Shore Brewery Address:
Pilot Brewery & Main Office:
808 Main Street West
Ashland, WI 54806
(715) 682-9199
Production Brewery & Tap House:
532 W. Bayfield Street
Washburn, WI 54891
(715) 682-9199
South Shore Website

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