June 25, 2024
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Pecatonica Beer Company

Pecatonica Beer Company has its headquarters in Gratiot, Wisconsin, by Highways 11 and 78 in Lafayette County. Its Tap Room offers up these beers several miles south via 78 in Warren just over the Illinois border, making it something of a bi-state brewery. The Pecatonica Tap Room is on Warren’s Main Street, which is part of an historic stagecoach trail.

Pecatonica Beer Tap Room entrance
The front of Pecatonica’s Tap Room, complete with a canoe hovering above along Highway 78 in Warren, just south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.
Pecatonica features a UW rowing crew boat - but it won't get in your way.
Pecatonica features a UW rowing crew boat – but it won’t get in your way – it’s suspended from the ceiling.

Named after the beautiful river that winds through the area, Pecatonica Beer launched in 2014 and brews small batches with an eye on full-bodied beer varieties. Their Tap Room is located in a historic building on Warren’s Main Street – also part of Highway 78 – with plenty of character. This includes an original Blatz Beer neon from the 1940s era and an original University of Wisconsin canoe the rowing crew used from the 1950s into the 1970s suspended from the ceiling, with crew shoes still affixed in the boat. Although the Tap Room is technically in Illinois, the brewery, beers, accoutrements, and owners scream “Wisconsin.”

As of this writing, they offer four annual beers: the Muskelager Lager, Alphorn Ale, Quinn’s Amber Lager, and their Pecatonica IPA. Seasonals at this time include Oktoberfest, the Belgian Beauty, the Irish Red, and the Nightfall Lager. A relationship with Potosi Brewing Company means they also offer some Potosi beers, as well as other guest brews based on the time of year and demand.

Pecatonica Beer sample sampler
Quite quaffable samplers at Pecatonica Beer Company’s Tap Room.

Pecatonica Beer Company Tap Room Address:

136 E. Main Street (Highway 78)
Warren, IL 61087
Tap Room Website

Pecatonica Beer Company Main Address:

5875 Main Street, Suite 1A (Highways 11 & 78)
Gratiot, WI 53541
(608) 558-5257
Pecatonica Facebook Page

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