Highway 73 Trunk Tour

  • Southern terminus: Dane County, at U.S. Highway 51 & I-90 (Exit 106) near Albion
  • Northern terminus: Rusk County, at the junction with U.S. Highways 8 just north of Ingram
Distance: 265 miles

Counties along route 73

  • Dane
  • Columbia
  • Dodge
  • Green Lake
  • Marquette
  • Waushara
  • Adams
  • Portage
  • Clark
  • Taylor
  • Rusk

STH-073“Okay… this thing just goes all over the place”


WisMap73Quickie Summary: State “Trunk” Highway 73 meanders across a huge chunk of the state with little or no discernable explanation why it got the routing it got. Which, of course, makes for an interesting road trip. I hope, since I haven’t run it yet… the World’s Largest Talking Cow is along Highway 73 in Neillsville, though, so of course we’ll be checking that out!

The Wisconsin Highway 73 Road Trip

The Drive (South to North): COMING SOON!

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