November 28, 2020
Ice Castles Lake Geneva

Ice Castles will return to Lake Geneva this winter!

COVID can’t freeze out the Ice Castles, scheduled to rise at Geneva National Resort mid-January

This news eases The Farmer’s Almanac prediction for colder and snowier winter than normal in Wisconsin: the Ice Castles are coming back to Lake Geneva this season! This will be the third straight year Lake Geneva hosts the majestic winter display, which requires tens of thousands of icicles to be fused and frozen together. Often reaching 30,000 square feet in size, you can walk under, over, and through this lit, frozen wonderland – sometimes you can even slide down parts of it.

Ice Castles Lake Geneva

The Lake Geneva area offers plenty to enjoy in winter, but the return of the Ice Castles kicks it up a notch further. According to Ice Castles LLC, the Utah company that creates these amazing displays, crews will begin work in November and they’re targeting a January 15th opening.

According to Lake Geneva Regional News, plans for this winter include a downsized castle built in a shady location to help shield the ice during mild weather and sunny days, and a footprint of about one acre, about 30 percent smaller than last year. However, it will have taller walls and “a more vertical construction” to compensate.

Geneva National Resort & Club will host the Ice Castles this year, and with its location on Lake Como, they will be easily accessible via Highways 50 or 67, just minutes off I-43 or the U.S. 12 freeway.

We’ll keep you posted on tickets and more specific dates as construction time – and the winter weather – gets closer!

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