October 26, 2020
Hygeia Spring, part of Waukesha's colorful water history and the Great Pipeline Battle of 1893

Springs, Health, and the Great Pipeline Battle of 1893: New STT Podcast focuses on Waukesha’s colorful water history

In the late 19th century, Waukesha had a reputation for healthy mineral springs. In fact, they drew visitors from around the country who would come to drink and bathe in its waters to cure ailments and promote overall health and wellness. One such draw was James McElroy, who arrived in Waukesha in 1891 and wanted to build a pipeline all the way to Chicago to serve a thirsty city pure Waukesha water at the World’s Columbian Exposition for 1893. He eventually succeeded – sort of – after contentious situations that we now called the Great Pipeline Battle. This is the colorful story of it all, with guest John Schoenknecht of the Waukesha County Historical Society, in this episode of the State Trunk Tour Podcast:

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