Colorful Farm Building in Marshall, WI



Marshall (pop. 3,432) located along Highways 19 and 73, was known in previous incarnations as Bird’s Ruins (after fire destroyed buildings during in 1838 as the village was getting established) and Medina.

Located along the Maunesha River, Marshall is tucked into the northeastern corner of Dane County and is increasingly headed towards “suburban bedroom community” status. For some fun reading, wade through the history of Marshall, where you can find out about locals like “Squig” Converse, the coming of rural electrification in the 1930s and the tension in town over the impending Y2K bug as 2000 approached. Marshall has a permanent seasonal amusement park known as Little A-Merrick-A, which features rides, a Moonwalk, a carousel, a small roller coaster, and even a mini-train ride called the Whiskey River Railway. It’s a fully operational 1/3-size railroad that rides along 3 miles of track on a tour.


On the east side of Marshall is Little A-Merrick-A, a mini amusement park that runs from May through Halloween. Here, you can see part of the roller coaster and the carousel behind it. There’s also a train ride on a 1/3-scale railroad, mini ferris wheel, a miniature golf course and a haunted house.


Is it a robot or a version of the Tin Man? Either way, it caught my attention.


It took a few double-takes, but this is a pig carrying its young by the neck, carved out of the tree stump. Why? Who knows? But it’s interesting and one of the reasons it’s fun to go State Trunk Touring.