New Year's 2017 Cheese Drop

3 Odd Things Wisconsin Towns Drop on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is Tuesday night! And just like the ball drops in New York City to ring out (or wring out, depending on your perspective) 2019 and focus on 2020, so will Wisconsin. We just drop other things, since we’re a quirky state to begin with. We’re talking cherries, cheese, and even a carp….

Explore Wisconsin’s Colorful Fall Season!

October is Wisconsin’s most colorful month. Fall in Wisconsin means autumn harvests, cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkin patches and more all make this a fantastic month to explore the state. Check out the Fall Color Report from Travel Wisconsin, then enjoy a barrage of fall events or scenic points of interest like the fourth highest…

10 Quirky Street Names We Found in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has its fair share of oddities, and as we’ve found traveling our state’s highways some of these oddities extend to quirky street names. Hey, it’d be boring if every street was named Main or Elm or First Street… but Reek Road? Chicken in the Woods Drive? Assman Road?? These are just some of the…