Ice Castles Wisconsin at night

Ice Castles Wisconsin looking to open in Lake Geneva January 23rd

Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland hoping to officially open this coming Wednesday in Lake Geneva; tickets available Monday Well, the January weather came back. And the “frozen tundra” temps mean that Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland just might open in Lake Geneva – right along the lake and beach downtown – this coming week! They’re hoping to open…

Cheeseheads cover

STT Podcast – talking “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”

Hey, Cheeseheads! As you hit the roads and explore the state on this mid-winter weekend, maybe you want to enjoy a podcast on your drive. Along with great Wisconsin road trips and exploring ideas, attractions, quirks of the state and more, we offer the State Trunk Tour Podcast, including on iHeartRadio. Check out Episode 2, our interview…

New Year's 2017 Cheese Drop

Wisconsin Drops Odd Stuff on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is Monday night! And just like the ball drops in New York City to ring out (or wring out, depending on your perspective) 2018 and usher in 2019, so will Wisconsin. We just drop other things, since we’re a quirky state to begin with. We’re talking cherries, cheese, and even a carp….

Holiday Lights Wisconsin

Holiday Lights Wisconsin – Check Out Our Picks!

December is a magical time in Wisconsin. And while we arrived at Christmas, holiday light displays continue all over the state through the rest of this week into New Year’s. As you road trip around Wisconsin – and you should, any time of the year – here are a few of our favorite holiday light…

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is Rolling into Wisconsin!

The return of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is HERE! We love following the state’s highways, but heading into the holiday season we love to follow the rails when the festive and fun Canadian Pacific Holiday Train delights thousands in Wisconsin on its journey across North America! Amazing, colorful lights and live entertainment visit town after…

10 Quirky Street Names We Found in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has its fair share of oddities, and as we’ve found traveling our state’s highways some of these oddities extend to quirky street names. Hey, it’d be boring if every street was named Main or Elm or First Street… but Reek Road? Chicken in the Woods Drive? Assman Road?? These are just some of the…

Peshtigo Fire sculpture outside the Museum

This Day in Wisconsin: October 8, The Peshtigo Fire

The Peshtigo Fire. The Chicago Fire. Which one is better known? Well, everybody knows about Chicago and how it – according to legend – burned after Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over a lantern. This is supposedly how a conflagration started that consumed over 2,000 acres of densely-populated land, destroying over 17,000 buildings, leaving around 100,000…

Chester's, one of our favorite Wisconsin Drive-Ins.

17+ Wisconsin Drive-Ins To Try Across the State

Wisconsin Drive-Ins mean some delicious treats on a tray or at a picnic table If you love Wisconsin road trips, you probably love Wisconsin drive-ins. The American classic place to pull in, order tasty fare – often from a car hop, sometimes on skates – and eat in your car off a tray hanging on…

Sputnik Fest, recreation of where cops stood

5 Things about Sputnikfest in Manitowoc (and why you should go)

Sputnikfest is this weekend. Why? Because on September 5, 1962 a piece of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik IV came crashing to earth. One 20-pound chunk came careening down in – of all places – Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This piece of Sputnik crashed down onto 8th Street in town, right in front of the Rahr-West Art Museum….