Ice Castles Wisconsin at night

Ice Castles Wisconsin continue in Lake Geneva as March comes in like a near-freakin’ polar vortex

Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland opened later than planned; now it gets to stay open later than expected in Lake Geneva; tickets available here

Well, March is here and with near- and below-zero temps the next few days it feels more like January. The good news? Winter sports are staying full swing and Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland in Lake Geneva – right along the lake and beach downtown – continue to amaze.

These Ice Castles create life-size winter playgrounds entirely by hand. It weighs over 20 million pounds, with ice artisans haven grown up to 10,000 icicles every day.

The ice is illuminated inside the castles at night with color-changing LED lights that twinkle to music. You can explore ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and towering ice formations. This is truly something to dazzle the entire family.

This mega-complex of ice is right in downtown Lake Geneva, by the beach right along Wrigley Drive, just a block south of Highway 50 as it goes through the heart of town!

Ice Castle at night

How long will it last? At this rate, a while! Keep up with the Ice Castles and weather conditions, which will be continuously updated, on their Facebook page.

Tickets are on sale now (buy tickets here). Admission prices are:

$15.95 Adults 12 & older
$10.95 Children ages 4-11
Children under 4 are FREE

$18.95 Adults 12 & older
$15.95 Children ages 4-11
Children under 4 are FREE


Monday: 4pm – 9pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 4pm – 9pm
Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
Friday: 4pm – 10:30pm
Saturday: Noon – 10:30pm
Sunday: Noon – 8pm

Be prepared to hit U.S. 12 or Highways 50 or 120 to get to Lake Geneva and experience Ice Castles Wisconsin and the magic of the winter season!

Ice Castles Wisconsin slide

Of course, Lake Geneva offers so much else, too. Experience great downtown shopping, fall orchards in the area, ziplining at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, water park fun at Timber Ridge, Black Point Estates & Gardens, a boat cruise, even a safari! And of course, around Lake Geneva you’ll find great resorts like The Abbey, Lake Lawn, and the Grand Geneva, and more.

Find out more about Lake Geneva here!

18 Responses to "Ice Castles Wisconsin continue in Lake Geneva as March comes in like a near-freakin’ polar vortex"

  1. DonnaMarie Hasenfus
    DonnaMarie Hasenfus 1 year ago .Reply

    What are the dates of the Ice Castle s?

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi DonnaMarie! The Ice Castles in Lake Geneva are scheduled to open late December, probably the week of Christmas. They keep them open as long as weather allows. The opening, of course, is weather-dependent too. Given how November has started, conditions could be very favorable for an on-time opening. Keep watching and “like” our Facebook page, we’ll pass along updates as the opening date gets closer and better defined!

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      DonnaMarie, the Ice Castles are now looking to open mid-week next week in Lake Geneva – still based on weather, since we could see 40s this coming weekend! — Eric Paulsen, State Trunk Tour

  2. Kathy
    Kathy 1 year ago .Reply

    Are ice castles open this coming weekend? We booked a trip there this weekend to see them…

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi Kathy! Unfortunately with the mild weather, the Ice Castles are not yet open in Lake Geneva. The good news is, it’s a beautiful weekend to be out and about! If you’re already in or around Lake Geneva, may we suggest the shopping downtown, checking out the Grand Geneva Resort (once the famed Playboy Club) off U.S. 12 and Highway 50, or touring the beautiful Black Point Estate along the shores of Geneva Lake? You can walk the Geneva Lake Shore Path on this gorgeous day, or sample local wines at Studio Winery (401 E. Sheridan Springs Road, 262-348-9100). Let me know if you plan on checking out other cities or towns in the area too! — Eric Paulsen, State Trunk Tour

  3. Paige
    Paige 1 year ago .Reply

    Is it safe to book a room for next week the 15th for the ice castles?

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi Paige, it should definitely be now. They reported Ice Castles will be open in Lake Geneva this coming Saturday, the 12th. Enjoy!
      — Eric Paulsen, State Trunk Tour

  4. Jagruti
    Jagruti 1 year ago .Reply

    We booked 18-20th on Abbey resort and are planning to visit Ice Castle on 19th.
    Is it the right time?
    How far are they from the Abbey?
    Is it dangerous to have our 8 mon old with us?

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi, thank you for reaching out! And the answer is… you may need to push it back a few days. While the earlier mild weather delayed the Ice Castles, they’ve been making great progress this week. But it looks right now the earliest they hope to fully open is this coming Monday the 21st. We’re waiting on the definitive word. So it looks like the following weekend would be better.
      The Ice Castles are in downtown Lake Geneva, about a 15 minute drive from The Abbey (a wonderful place in itself!) Follow Highway 67 north to Highway 50 eastbound and that will take you directly into downtown Lake Geneva. When you reach downtown, simply head 1-2 blocks south and you’ll reach the beach where the Ice Castles will be. It’s also where the U.S. Snow Sculpting Championships and Winterfest will be shortly! Should be okay to have your 8-month-old with you, Ice Castles are designed to be family friendly. Thanks for State Trunk Touring!

  5. Tom Teresinski
    Tom Teresinski 1 year ago .Reply

    Want to purchase tickets on-line. Can I use them anytime or do I have to have a specific date?

  6. Samantha Munks
    Samantha Munks 1 year ago .Reply

    Is it 100% that the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva opening this Monday the 21st of January?

  7. Lisa Pollnow
    Lisa Pollnow 1 year ago .Reply

    The direct website still doesn’t give an open date and tickets are not available for purchase. Is the date of 1/21 that you report accurate?

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi Lisa, it’s the date we got from several sources, and it was reported as such in the Kenosha News earlier today. We’ll keep up with the latest, and of course their website will have up-to-the-minute updates also: Thank you!

  8. Samantha Munks
    Samantha Munks 1 year ago .Reply

    Are they officially opening on Monday?

    • Eric Paulsen
      Eric Paulsen 1 year ago .Reply

      Hi Samantha, that’s the latest info we have. Weather is definitely cooperating now. The definitive word should come down over the weekend, and we’ll share it when we get it!

  9. Kathy P.
    Kathy P. 1 year ago .Reply

    The Ice Castles website says they are targeting Wednesday, 1/23, and there is no option to buy tickets there. Your article claims “tickets are on sale now” but I don’t believe that is true.

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