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Wisconsin Science Festival

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Wisconsin Science Festival
November 2, 2017
November 5, 2017
November 1, 2017
UW Discovery Building
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330 N. Orchard Street, Madison, WI, 53715, United States
Wisconsin Weekend - WI Science Festival

Wisconsin Science Festival logoThe Wisconsin Science Festival is a 4-day celebration of science all across the state, with major events in Madison, Eau Claire, Bayfield, Milwaukee, and more!

Wisconsin Science Festival features:

  • Explore an interactive journey in communication from Morse code to radio signals with the “100 Years of Wisconsin Broadcasting” event at the Discover Building on University Avenue in Madison on Friday night the 3rd.
  • Learn about BIG DATA, from the Dark Ages to dark matter; it’s a Big Ideas for Busy People event also at the Discovery Building in Madison Saturday evening.
  • Discover the science of Bodily Functions (a.k.a. “Grossology”), where everything from snot to digestion is covered, at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire during the day on Saturday the 4th.
  • Head to Wausau to find out about Wisconsin Fossils (And Where To Find Them), happening at the Colossal Fossils Downtown Museum from 10am-3pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Call them at (715) 303-9407 for details!
  • Enjoy some creepy-crawly critters with Tony “The Bug Whisperer” at Discovery World in Milwaukee. The event’s category is called “Nature Lovers & Sky Gazers, Plants, Animals, Microbes, Oh My!” It takes place Saturday from 11:30am-12:30pm. Call (414) 765-9966 for details!

These are just some of the events happening at the Wisconsin Science Festival! Check out their website for full schedules and details. It’s definitely a fun learning experience in locales across Wisconsin – road trip to a bunch of them!