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Prairie du Chien Carp Fest

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Prairie du Chien Carp Fest
December 31, 2018 4:00 pm
December 31, 2018 11:55 pm
December 22, 2015
Downtown Prairie du Chien
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400 W. Blackhawk, Prairie du Chien, WI, 53821, United States
Carp Fest events, Prairie du Chien

Carp Fest: New York drops a lit ball at New Years’ Eve; Prairie du Chien drops a carp!

Yes, Prairie du Chien drops a real carp on New Year’s Eve. The carp, caught in the Mississippi, is named “Lucky”, and then frozen until New Years’ Eve. Lucky is then adorned with makeup and lights and lowered via crane. As soon as they ring in the New Year, people can kiss Lucky for good luck.

How’s that for a New Years’ Eve fish story?

Prairie du Chien, always down for a good, expanded party, has taken the original New Year’s Eve “Droppin’ of the Carp” and expanded it to a multi-day event with a variety of activities, many of which are quite family-friendly. There’s a Euchre Contest on Thursday, December 27th at Hoffman Hall, and a bowling party on Friday, December 28th at the nearby Leisure Time Sports Bar.

New Year's 2017 carp fest drop

The BIG party for Carp Fest is the New Year’s Eve party that takes place on the west edge of downtown Prairie du Chien on St. Feriole Island Park by the Mississippi River. It starts at 9pm and culminates with the “Droppin’ of the Carp” a little before midnight to ring in 2019!

A earlier version of the carp drop for children and families – featuring “Lucky Carp Jr.” – takes place indoors with food, hot chocolate, games, live music from Mike McCoy & the Family Sing-A-Longs, and more inside nearby Hoffman Hall (1600 Wacouta Street) from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Admission for that is $3/person or $10 for a family. The later outdoor event is free. This event is sponsored by Valley Fish & Cheese, a State Trunk Tour favorite located just east of the Mississippi River bridge where eastbound Highway 27 begins. Check out the shop, owned by “Sturgeon General” Mike Valley, and its incredible selection of fresh fish, meats, cheeses, uniquely Wisconsin items, and more!

Carp Fest events takes place all over downtown but are focused on St. Feriole Island, Prairie du Chien. Hit U.S. 18 or Highways 27, 35, or 60 and check this out!

Carp Fest Address:

St. Feriole Island
900 W. Blackhawk Avenue
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
(608) 326-8602

New Year's Eve Droppin' of the Carp in Prairie du Chien