Highway 19 in Dane County in late fall

Check out great Wisconsin stuff to check out on road trips here, whether you’re self-quarantining or still getting out there!

With COVID-19 making people buy inordinate amounts of toilet paper and staying home (social distancing, whatever you want to call it), this is a good time to explore the state via the State Trunk Tour online as you make future plans. We show you the interesting stuff along our state’s highways, and dive into everything from international symbols of art to weird quirky stuff – and we have a lot more coming! The State Trunk Tour takes you there when you’re ready to explore the state again with plenty of reasons to Pick Some Roads and GO!!

Highway 95 winds down towards Arcadia
Highway 95 winds down towards Arcadia

Spring will be here soon, and this is a great time to plan some road trips!

With coronavirus fears, a lot of events around the state are being cancelled or postponed right now; hopefully that eases soon, but in the meantime stay safe, wash your hands, and if you self-quarantine, this is a great resource to explore! We’ll offer up some cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too, as you plan your next exploration around Wisconsin. Meanwhile, check out 10Best.com’s Reasons to Visit Sheboygan (the “Malibu of the Midwest”) and see more of our links below!

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Gravity Hill south of Shullsburg, WisconsinCheck out our piece and video on the legendary Gravity Hill, south of Shullsburg and Highway 11 in Lafayette County. It’s a mysterious locale where your vehicle will seem to magically defy gravity!

Other Cool Stuff to Check Out

Wisconsin has some weird street and road names. Here are 10 Quirky Street Names We Found across the state – and there are more coming!

PetSkill Brewing sampler
One of many samplers we’ve sampled lately at Wisconsin’s craft breweries. This is at PetSkull Brewing in Manitowoc.

Explore some of the recent craft breweries we visited, including Driftless Brewing in Soldiers Grove, Second Salem Brewing Company in Whitewater, PetSkull Brewing in Manitowoc, Rebellion Brewing in Cedarburg, G5 Brewing in Beloit, and two brand new Wisconsin craft breweries: Duesterbeck’s Brewing on a farm just north of Delavan, and Foxtown Brewing on Highway 167 in Mequon!

Hit the “Routes” menu and follow some highways end-to-end, and enjoy everything along the way here before (or as) you head out! Pick Some Roads and GO!!

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Gravity Hill south of Shullsburg, Wisconsin

Gravity Hill: where your car “defies gravity” in Wisconsin

The mysterious spot in southwestern Wisconsin where your vehicle defies gravity – and no one is quite sure why

When your car is free to roam, it should drift in the direction of where gravity takes it, right? That’s basic physics. Heck, according to Newton, it’s the LAW. Right?

Well, not always.

Wisconsin, a state with as many unusual quirks as many, has a lot of mysteries along its roads as you explore and tour America’s Dairyland. Many of these mysteries are legends that eventually get debunked or have explanations. But why gravity doesn’t seem to work in this one spot in southwestern Wisconsin remains a bit of a head-scratcher.

You’re gradually heading downhill to a low spot on Gravity Hill. But when you reach the bottom and shift into neutral, you go back up this hill!

Known as “Gravity Hill,” this location along County Highway U just south of Shullsburg in Lafayette County has a spot where you can stop in the middle of the road, put your car in neutral, and you’ll start drifting backwards, seemingly up a hill.

Now, this isn’t exactly a big hill you go backwards onto, but it’s still an incline – so it wouldn’t make sense for your car to go up and incline in neutral, right?

Well, we tried it, filmed it, and here’s what happened:

Many theories exist as to WHY this happens. Some say the “hill” you roll upwards on isn’t actually an incline; it’s just an optical illusion. If it is, it’s one heck of a good one! Gravity Hill itself isn’t a big hill. but the rate of speed you go from a full stop while in neutral definitely makes it seem like there’s something more there. Others say there’s probably a large deposit of iron or other magnetized rock underneath that hill, and it draws your car back – truly like a magnet. Makes some sense – this IS mining country, after all. Meanwhile, some say it’s just mysterious spirits.

Try it for yourself and see what you think! You’ll find Gravity Hill along County Highway U just south of Shullsburg, a lovely village with a great downtown along Highway 11 in Lafayette County. You’re only about a mile and change north of Illinois at this point, too… maybe the gravity is designed to keep you in Wisconsin!

Here’s where you can find Gravity Hill:

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