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STT Podcast – talking “Cheeseheads: The Documentary”

Hey, Cheeseheads! As you hit the roads and explore the state, maybe you want to enjoy a podcast on your drive.

Along with great Wisconsin road trips and exploring ideas, attractions, quirks of the state and more, we offer the State Trunk Tour Podcast, including on iHeartRadio. Check out Episode 2, our interview with John Mitchell, producer of Cheeseheads: The Documentary, a true “love letter” to Wisconsin. Mitchell is a Cameron native who spent over 20 years in Los Angeles as a writer and producer who was inspired to come back and create an in-depth exploration of Wisconsin and what makes the state, its people, its culture, industry, history, landscape, and more so special.

Cheeseheads The Documentary on the State Trunk Tour Podcast

Here at the State Trunk Tour, where we drive all over the state and note so many great and unique places, we had the pleasure of appearing in this documentary as one of many guests. The film is available now via Amazon and other digital outlets, and you can always follow the Cheeseheads: The Documentary Facebook page to find where John may be presenting his film in locations all over the state!

Here’s our State Trunk Tour Podcast featuring producer John Mitchell and his film Cheeseheads: The Documentary on Spreaker:

Or listen on your iHeartRadio app, click the play button below:

Within this 40-minute discussion, you’ll find out what inspired him to write and film about Wisconsin, how he landed key interviews with people from high-level politicians and business leaders to Green Bay Packers legends, a former Miss America, and a whole series of families, academics, and more to talk about what it means to be a Cheesehead, and how his background in both Wisconsin and California – as well as the film industry – gave him the ability to film, distribute, and promote this love letter to the state.

You’ll also find out why so many Wisconsin references seem to sneak their way into TV shows and movies you see from Hollywood, how a UW-Madison plays a huge role in the development of semiconductors to allow the computers we have today, the origins of the term “Cheesehead” going back a few centuries, and more.

Ice Castles Wisconsin at night

Ice Castles Wisconsin continue in Lake Geneva as March comes in like a near-freakin’ polar vortex

Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland opened later than planned; now it gets to stay open later than expected in Lake Geneva; tickets available here

Well, March is here and with near- and below-zero temps the next few days it feels more like January. The good news? Winter sports are staying full swing and Ice Castles Wisconsin Wonderland in Lake Geneva – right along the lake and beach downtown – continue to amaze.

These Ice Castles create life-size winter playgrounds entirely by hand. It weighs over 20 million pounds, with ice artisans haven grown up to 10,000 icicles every day.

The ice is illuminated inside the castles at night with color-changing LED lights that twinkle to music. You can explore ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones, and towering ice formations. This is truly something to dazzle the entire family.

This mega-complex of ice is right in downtown Lake Geneva, by the beach right along Wrigley Drive, just a block south of Highway 50 as it goes through the heart of town!

Ice Castle at night

How long will it last? At this rate, a while! Keep up with the Ice Castles and weather conditions, which will be continuously updated, on their Facebook page.

Tickets are on sale now (buy tickets here). Admission prices are:

$15.95 Adults 12 & older
$10.95 Children ages 4-11
Children under 4 are FREE

$18.95 Adults 12 & older
$15.95 Children ages 4-11
Children under 4 are FREE


Monday: 4pm – 9pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 4pm – 9pm
Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
Friday: 4pm – 10:30pm
Saturday: Noon – 10:30pm
Sunday: Noon – 8pm

Be prepared to hit U.S. 12 or Highways 50 or 120 to get to Lake Geneva and experience Ice Castles Wisconsin and the magic of the winter season!

Ice Castles Wisconsin slide

Of course, Lake Geneva offers so much else, too. Experience great downtown shopping, fall orchards in the area, ziplining at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, water park fun at Timber Ridge, Black Point Estates & Gardens, a boat cruise, even a safari! And of course, around Lake Geneva you’ll find great resorts like The Abbey, Lake Lawn, and the Grand Geneva, and more.

Find out more about Lake Geneva here!