Chester's, one of our favorite Wisconsin Drive-Ins.

17+ Wisconsin Drive-Ins To Try Across the State

Wisconsin Drive-Ins mean some delicious treats on a tray or at a picnic table If you love Wisconsin road trips, you probably love Wisconsin drive-ins. The American classic place to pull in, order tasty fare – often from a car hop, sometimes on skates – and eat in your car off a tray hanging on…

Sputnik Fest, recreation of where cops stood

5 Things about Sputnikfest in Manitowoc (and why you should go)

Sputnikfest is this weekend. Why? Because on September 5, 1962 a piece of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik IV came crashing to earth. One 20-pound chunk came careening down in – of all places – Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This piece of Sputnik crashed down onto 8th Street in town, right in front of the Rahr-West Art Museum….